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Best Calculator Book... - John W Kercheval - 05-08-2012

We all know William Wickes.

But what is the best calculator book (pleasure reading) you have seen? One on HP Calc history???

Very interested... I do not have one. But they have them for Rolls-Royce horseless carriages, Vacheron watches, any for calcs...?

Re: Best Calculator Book... - Matt Agajanian - 05-09-2012

My top two are:

1--TK Enterprises' book, 'Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About RPN (But Were Afraid To Pursue)'

This one can be downloaded. Just type in 'Everything RPN' in Google and click on the link with the PDF emblem and just download the book.

2--John A. Ball's 'Algorithms For RPN Calculators'--an absolute must and vital reference and essential RPN toolkit. This hardback book is still floating around Amazon and eBay.