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OT: Computer on Antiques Roadshow - Katie Wasserman - 05-07-2012

I often watch Antiques Roadshow on PBS and for the first time saw something from modern technology. For those not in the US or the UK (I think you have something similar, maybe other countries too) this is a weekly show on public television where people bring in antiques and experts appraise them along with providing little snippets of history. The Roadshow moves all around the country and they film from different cities through the year.

The computer I saw tonight (it might have been a repeat of an old show) was an original Macintosh computer supposedly signed by Steve Wozniak. I would have sworn that they would never have a calculator on this show, but now I'm much more hopeful. One of us needs to trot down there with a few old HP's prototypes when the Roadshow comes to town.

Edited: 7 May 2012, 9:55 p.m.