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HP-41's ARCL on the 32S-II - Matt Agajanian - 05-02-2012

Hello all.

Is there a way to accomplish this on the 32S-II (or 33s and 35s:

Appending a variable's value to an already existing string in the EQN register and display the EQN line (with the Flag 10 manoeuvres, obviously). For example,

Could I have something like this:

01- LBL M

02- RCL V

03- 661.5

04- /

05- the rest of the Mach Value equation



34- STO M

35- SF 10

36- EQN 'MACH='

37-this is where I want to append either the X register Mach value or Variable M and then display that so it looks like MACH=0.8357 when I display the Equation line


nnn- R/S

nnn- CF 10

Any ideas?


Edited: 2 May 2012, 12:33 p.m.

Re: HP-41's ARCL on the 32S-II - Dieter - 05-03-2012

Sorry, there is nothing like ARCL on the 33s or 35s. The two closest ways to accomplish something similar are these:

. (calculation)
This results in
Or, a bit more verbose:
. (calculation)
SF 10
CF 10
This displays "MACH=" first and the value afterwards.

Still don't like it? Get a 41/42. Or have your 20B/30B flashed. ;-)


Re: HP-41's ARCL on the 32S-II - Matt Agajanian - 05-04-2012

Yeah. I like the idea. Very concise and to the point. I just was curious if there was another programming technique possible that I hadn't considered. The way I see it, our group is filled with geniuses and very experienced HP users. So, I just had to ask to see if another one here had a better solution that I might not have been able to design.

No problem. Thanks again.