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RPL/2 under HP-UX - Martin Paech - 04-20-2012

Does anybody out there work with RPL/2 under HP-UX (10.20 or 11.11)? I would like to develop some HP-48/49/50 UserRPL programs on my workstation (and use HP-48 programs on it), but I have a lot of troubles to compile RPL/2 v4.0.x/v4.1.x, an ingenious "875-MHz 2-CPU 16-Gbyte HP-28S". The main problem is (amongst others) the GNU compiler suite, which is a prerequisite (especially 'gfortran', which seems not to be available from hpux.connect.org.uk, too), and they depend on their part on other libraries, which won't compile without difficulties with the HP C/C++ compilers and so on...

It's every time a ride to hell and back to port open-source software developed under GNU/Linux to these very very reliable HP 9000 workstations and servers with their excellent development tools and compilers... (I have some licenses bound to this machines so I can't easily switch to a Linux box.)

Edited: 20 Apr 2012, 3:44 a.m.

Re: RPL/2 under HP-UX - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 04-20-2012

It might be easiest to port the GCC suite first. This shouldn't be impossible to do. The dependencies from other libraries and tools like autoconf and automake are another problem of typical Linux applications. Linux has pretty much become a world of its own.

Re: RPL/2 under HP-UX - David Hayden - 04-21-2012

Why not use HPUserEdit or Debug4x instead?