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OT: Pioneer anomaly - Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove - 04-19-2012

The so-called Pioneer anomaly appears to have been solved, according to the Planetary Society blog by Emily Lakdawalla.

To my surprise, an esteemed forum member co-authored the scientific paper supporting the thermal origin of this phenomenon (the more than expected slowing down of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spaceprobes).

Re: OT: Pioneer anomaly - Ethan Conner - 04-19-2012

I think it's a pretty impressive feat to have gathered all that data and processed it. On a lighter note i couldn't find a sentence that began with "So".

Re: OT: Pioneer anomaly - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 04-20-2012

You can find the latest scientific paper, being published in Physical Review Letters, here: "Support for the thermal origin of the Pioneer anomaly" by Slava G. Turyshev, Viktor T. Toth, Gary Kinsella, Siu-Chun Lee, Shing M. Lok, and Jordan Ellis.

There is an interesting name in this list. :-)

Re: OT: Pioneer anomaly - Howard Owen - 04-20-2012

On a lighter note i couldn't find a sentence that began with "So".

So what? :)

Re: OT: Pioneer anomaly - Walter B - 04-20-2012

As the OP mentioned already :->