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HP 19Bii Market Value - Celso Lima - 04-17-2012

Some years ago I purchased a HP 19Bii while I was attending an MBA program. I had to move out of the place I was living at the time, so it got misplaced during the move, and placed in a box that went overlooked for years. I recently came across it and realized I had not sold it.

I don't need this calculator anymore, and I friend of mine told me it could be of value to collectors considering it is still in the original packaging.

I took a look on eBay, but I can't really figure out how much it would be worth.

Would anybody have an idea of the market value of this calculator?

Re: HP 19Bii Market Value - Don Shepherd - 04-18-2012

Look on Ebay, check the "Completed listings" checkbox on the left. That will show you what 19bii's are currently selling for.