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Classic battery contacts - james summers - 04-08-2012

Hi everyone

Any tips for the replacement of a broken battery contact in an HP 45?

As acquired the battery was very corroded (to the extent that it was quite a difficult job to even get the battery compartment cover off) and the +ve contact was corroded through at the point where it passes through into the body of the calculator. The -ve contact is much better but is still perforated in quite a few places.

Would a thinner sheet of half hard copper as suggested by Randy for replacing Spice contacts have the necessary springiness for the job?



Re: Classic battery contacts - Randy - 04-08-2012

You'll find the classic contacts to be ~0.006-0.007 inches, same material as the spices. Only difference is the gold plate on the classics, went to bright tin for the spices. Price pressure, no doubt.

Re: Classic battery contacts - james summers - 04-08-2012

Thanks Randy.

I'll track some down and get metal bashing!