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HP49G--Quirk or Problem? - Speck - 09-06-2002

Hi, all. I've got a 49G that I'm still learning to use. When I'm in Algebraic mode, I can press LeftShift followed by F1 to get the Y editor, or F2 to get the window setup dialog box, etc. However, when I'm in RPN mode, I have to Press AND HOLD LeftShift while I press the function key I want to use. I am currently running VERSION 1.19-6. Is this an RPN flag issue or soemthing I don't know about? The difference between the two modes is confusing. Why does my HP do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Took me the longest time to even find the Y editor in RPN!


Re: HP49G--Quirk or Problem? - J.C. Randerson - 09-06-2002

You're doing fine, you're less confused than you think. You figured out the trick to graphing in RPN mode, good work. This is not a flag issue, but a deliberate program trick by the ACO to graph in RPN mode.

Stay in RPN mode, and learn the machine that way. If you absolutely need some algebraic operations use the Equation Writer. The HP49, despite its default algebraic mode, is really an HP48 with a lot of extra memory and programming. And the HP48 was an RPN machine.

The best newsgroup for HP48/49 discussions and questions is commonly known as comp.sys.hp48:

THE program site for HP calcs is: www.hpcalc.org

Between those 2 sources you have almost everything needed to make your 49 sing and dance. I'm not the last word on the 49, but I've used it a few years. It's a terrific machine, stick with it. Email me directly if you want more info sources.

best wishes,

J.C. Randerson