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[WP-34s] Key-debouncing problem? - Daniel Vollmer - 04-06-2012

Since I ordered 2 overlays from Eric I thought I may as well set up a 2nd calculator with WP34s. Both are HP30b's.
The original calculator has a WP-34s version from mid-February (calculator is at work, so I cannot check the exact revision atm) and its keyboard seems to work fine.
The new HP30b has just received r2758 and seems to have difficulties with very short key-presses.

This could of course just be my imagination, a worse physical keyboard on the 2nd HP30b (I didn't even test it with the original HP firmware :(), or a change in the WP-34s firmware.

Does anyone else have trouble with the current revision and short key presses?

Re: [WP-34s] Key-debouncing problem? - Andres Capdevila - 04-06-2012

Hi Daniel,

The keys of my first HP30b (4CY03500967) worked perfectly so I thought that was the norm. Then I ordered another unit and the backspace (<-) didn't work unless I hit it very hard, so I sent it back. I then ordered another one (from different store / 4CY02405931) and all the keys work except that "On" and "Amort" have a nasty hollow sound.

Very disappointed with the keypad quality of these calculators.

However, I haven't experienced the short key presses issue that you mentioned.

Best regards.


Re: [WP-34s] Key-debouncing problem? - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 04-06-2012

The keyboard debounce hasn't seen any changes for ages. Just go to the SVN browser on our SF pages and look for changes to main.c. There should be very few in the last months.

Edit: Rev 2628 (Mar 2, 2012) contains a fix to the detection of key-up which is essential for most functions. It was possible that key-up wasn't detected despite the fact that the key had been released which caused strange effects (NULL). Can you give more details about which version(s) you are working with? Can you try either one on both calcs? I still assume a hardware difference but I might as well have messed something up.

Edited: 6 Apr 2012, 5:39 p.m.

Re: [WP-34s] Key-debouncing problem? - Cristian Arezzini - 04-07-2012

Same here, my first 30b had a perfect keyboard, while the second developed a problem after a few days of usage, where the "-" key needs to be pressed hard (or at specific angles) to register.


Re: [WP-34s] Key-debouncing problem? - Daniel Vollmer - 04-11-2012

The calculator with the keys that are working flawlessly is exactly r2628, whereas the newer one is running 2758.
Unfortunately (as there is no way to reinstall the original HP firmware to compare) I can't be of further help, but I'm also likely putting it down as a hardware problem.

I'm probably imagining things, but with more use, the situation seems either improved, or I'm becoming more adept at pushing keys. :)

Re: [WP-34s] Key-debouncing problem? - Neil Hamilton (Ottawa) - 04-11-2012

Actually, can probably get a hold of the original 30b F/W from either Gene Wright or Tim Wessman (who will probably vector to to Gene).