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HP 15 C LE in Sweden - Lars Bergström - 04-01-2012

The sales period was extremly short. It was sold out after only 1 weeks and the supplier claims it to be a "Limited Edition", thereby it's short apperance. Hrmmmmm!

Re: HP 15 C LE in Sweden - Fabricio - 04-01-2012

In my opinion, although I would like to be wrong, we will see that happening elsewhere smoothly, be it that in several weeks or months. Despite the humor that often surrounds the term Limited Edition here in the museum, it had to be named like that for some reason, specially comming from such a big company as HP.

Although it would be great to have an HP15c-LE without the reported bugs, I would like to have an option of buying one from HP (not TAS) in ten years from now even as buggy as it is with the current firmware, as it still fits most of my calculator needs. But, again just in my head, that won´t happen: the 15c-LE will be gone forever from HP production (why would they keep it in the production line?).

Re: HP 15 C LE in Sweden - Derek Walker (UK) - 04-02-2012

(why would they keep it in the production line?).

Maybe because a non-limited edition 15C+ (plastic bubble package, manual on CD) could be kept in the range at very little cost, as long as there's a demand for the 12C+.

Not saying it will happen, though, which is why I bought 3 15CLE's while I could.

One of the main UK suppliers still shows 10 available from stock, at GBP89.95.

Edited: 2 Apr 2012, 2:48 a.m.