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HP-50g Syntax Question - Daniel Greenidge - 03-28-2012


I'm trying to plot a basic sine curve with the HP-50g (which it does very well). However, I'm running into some trouble when I try to change the tic marks on the x-axis to appear at intervals of Pi/2.

Here is my procedure:


2. Cursor down to the "pixels" option

3. Uncheck it.

4. Cursor left to "H-Tick"

5. Enter this expression 'Pi/2'

6. Press enter.

It then throws up a "Bad Argument Type" error.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: HP-50g Syntax Question - Luiz C. Vieira (Brazil) - 03-28-2012


The correct expression for Pi would be PI (all upper-case letters). Also, check if approximate mode is active.


Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP-50g Syntax Question - Daniel Greenidge - 03-28-2012

Hello Luiz,

Approximate mode is active, and I tried both "PI" and the symbol pi (LSHIFT SPC).

Still no luck.

Thank you for your help though!

Best Regards,

Re: HP-50g Syntax Question - Kiyoshi Akima - 03-28-2012

After putting in the expression 'pi/2' (using the Greek character ALPHA L-SHIFT SPC), press right-arrow to get past the closing quote and press EVAL before entering the expression.

Re: HP-50g Syntax Question - Crawl - 03-28-2012

Another way to do it is

Pi 2 / ->NUM

Edited: 28 Mar 2012, 2:48 p.m.

Re: HP-50g Syntax Question - C.Ret - 03-28-2012

Or key in