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[DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Katie Wasserman - 03-28-2012

I'm continuing this thread.

I need some help on this from someone that has re-flashed their DM-15CC calculator.

I can't quite figure out what procedures are needed for flashing. I've installed the drivers for the CP210x and got it working on a COM port. I've download and installed FlashMagic as well as the needed hex files. What options need to be selected within FlashMagic and when do you need to press and hold the internal programming button (through the tiny hole in the back of the calculator)?


Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Alexander Oestert - 03-28-2012

I followed the instructions from the DM-15cc's website, from the 'instructions' tab, prargraph 'firmware upgrade' - and all worked fine.

Edited: 28 Mar 2012, 1:35 p.m.

Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Cristian Arezzini - 03-28-2012

I forgot the exact steps with FlashMagic, but I remember that I had to keep the button on the back pressed all the time while the computer was sending data. THe first time I accidentally released it before flashing was complete, and I got a corrupted upload.


Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Katie Wasserman - 03-28-2012


I tried all that at various baud rates below 115K and always get a an "Unable to Communicate (transmit/receive)" error.

The COM port looks good and the flashing seems to start in that it knows if I'm pressing the internal button down or not. Do I need to check any of the either of the Erase options?

I'll try reinstalling the drivers, that's about all I can think of....

Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Jim P - 03-28-2012

I've had similar problems flashing my WP34s when using a port replicator/docking station rather than a directly attached port. I don't know what sort of communication cables/hardware you have hooked up so forgive me if you've already thought of this and tried it, but in my case plugging directly in to a "native" port sorted it all out.
Cheers Jim

Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Katie Wasserman - 03-28-2012


After failing at all attempts to do this on a 5 year old WinXP desktop system (I tried all the USB ports) I moved to a 2 year old WinXP netbook and this worked.

Thank you all for your help and encouragement, I was looking at a mighty small brick for a while after I had managed to get the memory blocks to erase but nothing more than that.