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Ordered, paid, no CDs yet - J Tiers - 09-03-2002

Ordered the CDs on Aug 22, got my receipt via email, but nothing has arrived.

I ordered from several other places the same day, everything else arrived long ago.

Vacation get in the way? Does it usually take a few weeks? Whats up with this?

Re: Ordered, paid, no CDs yet - Steve Seto - 09-03-2002

I have the same problem. I assumed it was a vacation or other delay, but now I'm also starting to wonder...

Don't worry - Thibaut.be - 09-04-2002

In the Internet Era, you want to see the DHL guy 5 minutes after you sent your payment by a secure credit card site.

This site is no commercial site. The CD set is a fantastic resource ran by Dave and many amateur contributors.

I have no idea of Dave's schedule, but I wouldn't be alarmed of a 10 days delay... Don't worry, Dave is a very serious person and no doubt you will receive shortly what you requested... just a little patience.

ja, just that "I ship right away" thing - J Tiers - 09-04-2002

where he says orders in by Friday go out Saturday.

Re: Don't worry - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 09-04-2002


I'd take Thibaut words as mine, if I may.

My brother, when he was in USA, ordered the CD's and, in a couple of days, the package was in his hands. I myself had to wait for more than a month, so he was back.

I believe Dave, as it happens many times, is travelling. It happens that, for many reasons, we do not see his posts frequently in here for some time. I think we are in one of this "some time".

I'd not worry.

Just to let you know that many of us in here are aware of what happens in this site. And we share the same confidence on each other.

Thank you.

Re: Don't worry - Scuba Diver - 09-04-2002

Hi there!

I also had my credit card charged on the 22nd and I haven't yet received my CDs, but to be honest, I haven't really given it any thought. I don't really think there's anything worth worrying about.

Perhaps a personal story will help illustrate. Last year was the "international year of the volunteer" so I decided I should get involved in my community. I decided to join a charity that my employer runs.

The work is extremely fulfilling; you definately get a feeling of accomplishment. The one unfortunate aspect is that nobody else appreciates what you've done!!! The people associated with the charity expect you to give 100% as if it's your "real" job, and the people at your "real" job expect you to focus solely on work.

It's impossible to keep everyone happy. For a while, I did what I could, but I felt like I was working two full-time jobs; I didn't have any free time so I started to burn out. Finally, I had to reduce the amount of time I spent volunteering.

My reason for sharing this is; this is not Dan's "real" job. It's a hobby. I figure, it's the summer, everyone's on vacation, let's cut him some slack. Otherwise, if we expect him to be working 80-hour weeks, we may find the site shut down someday!!!

Oh, no, I think I may have given myself nightmares!!! No more HP Museum? What would I do with all of my free time? Maybe I'll take up volunteering...



Oh, yes, that is true.............................. - J Tiers - 09-04-2002

but on the other hand, he is the one who decided to sell the CDs, so if it REALLY takes 30 + days to ship, he should say so up front, not say orders in by Friday are shipped Saturday.......

I am assuming he is on vacation, for the moment. Sometimes people post that on their sites, to avoid questions such as mine. Then you know that you can expect a wait.

Please note the word "Usually" - Dave Hicks - 09-04-2002

" so if it REALLY takes 30 + days to ship, he should say so up front, not say orders in by Friday are shipped Saturday......."

It REALLY doesn't take 30+ days to ship. On average it takes about 4. My order form used to say:

"Usually, orders placed by noon Friday PST are shipped on Saturday. Credit cards are not charged until the night before the CDs are shipped."

That first word is important. For the last few weeks, I've been billing on Wednesday and shipping on Thursday morning so I've changed the order form to indicate that. I would never insert a vacation between billing and shipping. Being hit by a truck perhaps, but not a vacation.

Each order in this thread was billed on the Wednesday afternoon following its receipt and shipped the next morning. (With the possible exception of Mr. Diver's since I don't know who he is.)

When a longer delay is expected, I do note it.

I Received my CDs!!! - Scuba Diver - 09-05-2002

Hi there!

I picked up my CDs this morning; they had arrived two days ago but I wasn't home to sign for them...

I had some duty to pay...so much for free trade between Canada and the US!

Thanks Dave (and sorry about my earlier note...I don't know why I called you Dan!)


Re: I Received my CDs!!! - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 09-05-2002

re "I had some duty to pay...so much for free trade between Canada and the US!"

Good: somebody official (the Canadian Government) thinks Dave's efforts have value!