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HP48SX non responding - Rodolfo Vilchez - 09-03-2002

My HP 48SX is not turning on beside a replace all the batteries for new ones. I follow a procedure that on the owners manual. Does anybody knows what could happen and i could do for troubleshoot this problems?

Thanks in advanced for any suggestion


Re: HP48SX non responding - Glen Kilpatrick - 09-03-2002

Try leaving the batteries out, and playing with the keys (should completely drain any capacitance power). And there's a reset button underneath _one_ of the rubber feet (I don't know which one, have never gone down this particular path) that you can use a paper clip on (hopefully another will post more on this procedure). Otherwise, I may have a 48S for sale....

Good Luck!


Re: HP48SX non responding - Rubber feet location - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 09-03-2002


facing the back "label", it's the top-left rubber feet. It's easily removed by using your own finger nail. There is a small hole with a little "R" closed to it. Now, paper clip, a bit press for about ten seconds and [ON] [A] [F] together; that's the master clear, and it's the best recovery procedure.

Also, check batteries polarity... Who knows?


Re: HP48SX non responding - Rubber feet location - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 09-04-2002

On my older 48SX it's the top-left foot, but on my newer 48SX (and I guess all 48G series), it's the top-right foot. Look for the letter "R" next to the hole. The "hardware reset" by itself forces a warmstart; useful when things are so fouled up that [ON][C] together won't do it.

It wouldn't hurt to check that the batteries are actually good. I once had a bad experience replacing low "N" cells in a 28S with new ones, and found that the new batteries were almost completely dead; not even enough power to retain memory. I doubt that that would happen with "AAA" cells, but if there are children around, they might replace the batteries in their toys and put the old ones back in the box.


Re: HP48SX non responding - Rubber feet location - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 09-04-2002


You're completely right! I forgot that changing. I just took my HP48SX and checked for the hole.

Thank you!