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Which charger for a35 - Matt Agajanian - 03-20-2012

Hello all,

I'm getting an HP-35 but, the charger that comes with it is an international one. I've already got chargers for my HP-67, HP-25, 29C and HP-41CV. Which charger can I use with the 35?

Re: Which charger for a35 - Gerson W. Barbosa - 03-20-2012


Re: Which charger for a35 - Les Wright - 03-23-2012

If you have a charger for the HP67, you have one for the HP35.

I own four "Classics"--45, 65, 67, 80--but only two chargers. Used to have three, but sold one to another collector.

You are all set, provided that you have working batteries. Remember, with these calcs you need to have cells that hold at least a bit of a charge in order for the unit to work. You just can't run them off of AC without batteries. If the NiCads you get are completely flat, you need new batteries.

If you are looking for excellent battery packs, I recommend finding the seller waterhosko at that big auction site we aren't allowed to name around here. Also, Randy of FixThatCalc.com will rebuild old battery packs if you insist on a pack just like the original, but this is somewhat more expensive. (Waterhosko solders cells together and pads them with foam for a good fit--they work fine but lack the original battery case).

Enjoy your growing collection!


Re: Which charger for a35 - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 03-23-2012

Les, the classics work perfectly fine without any batteries installed. The three prong charger feeds the electronics with a regulated voltage while the batteries are charged with a constant current. Both circuits are independent. Only the 65 and the 67 need a working battery because of the card reader (even if you don't use it it might get an overvoltage without a battery).

The Woodstocks are a different story as we all know.