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hp48 cards - David Griffith - 03-15-2012

I heard that there's some guy by the name of Klotz or thereabout who used to or perhaps still does sell new hp48 memory cards. Does he still do that? I'm looking for a 128k card.

Re: hp48 cards - matti - 03-15-2012

Hi David

Don't know that Klotz but have you seen this site:

Re: hp48 cards - David Griffith - 03-16-2012

Not quite what I'm looking for...

Re: hp48 cards - Jeff O. - 03-17-2012

Hi David,

I have an Oliver Klotz card. When I tried the old web address I had for his site, it was not found. A quick non-google Internet search engine search found no new site, so my guess is that Oliver no longer makes the cards.