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HP-71: MakeLEX - Juergen Rodenkirchen - 08-29-2002

I'd like to send ahead that this note is mainly for those of you who had the pleasure to read Joseph Horns book "HP-71 Basic Made Easy". I'm currently trying to understand the beautiful program MAKELEX in that book on page 133 and encountered a problem in line 60

60 A=HTD(ADDR$('DUMMY')) @ A1=A @ P$=RPT$("-",16)

where in the last entry the command (?) RPT$("-",16) is not recognized by the machine (and not by me either). So, I guess this is a "typo" (or did I miss something?). Does anyone know what the correct entry should be? I'd really like to see this fascinating little program run ... :-)


Re: HP-71: MakeLEX - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-29-2002


where $pattern is repeated n times, which gives $'.
Example: R$=RPT$("ABC",4)
Afterwards R$="ABCABCABCABC"

It seems you need the small HP-71 LEX file called STRINGLX,
which adds some nice string manipulation functions.

If the above example is the only occurence of RPT$,
you can substitute it with a string of 16 '-'.



Thanks, Raymond! - Juergen Rodenkirchen - 08-29-2002

Many thanks for the explanation, Raymond! I'll try it out tonight and hopefully will see the gem finally run :-)
B.t.w., do you know any source where I could find the LEX-file STRINGLX you mentioned?

Regards, Juergen

You have mail;-) - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-29-2002