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WP 34s Hotkeys - Roman P Flesch (Berlin) - 03-04-2012

Dear all,
I hope this hasn't been posted before. I purchased this WP-34s calculator and really love it. Now there is one thing I do not find in the manual (the manual is excellent but sometimes a bit "terse"):

Is it possible to assign ANY command from the catalog to the hotkeys A-D? For example, could I assign the "CLSTK" command to hotkey #A? (If yes, I would like to reproduce the "clear" row of the 15c to hotkeys A-D). I know that it is, of course, possible to assign a small program to hotkey A which executes CLSTK - what I mean is a direct assignment, like "1/x" which is assigned to Hotkey B as a default.

Thanks very much for your help!


Re: WP 34s Hotkeys - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 03-04-2012

We don't have assignable keys. You already mentioned the workaround: Just write short programs to execute the functions you need. The default definitions (such as 1/x) are hard coded.

Re: WP 34s Hotkeys - Walter B - 03-04-2012

Hallo Roman,

assignable keys were in the function spec at the beginning, but died very early in our development. Pauli and me found this feature too complex to handle in a satisfactory way with the hardware given. Maybe we'll return to that - though I doubt it with the 30b. As you wrote already, a short program will do the trick most easily so far.


Re: WP 34s Hotkeys - Roman P Flesch (Berlin) - 03-05-2012

Markus and Walter,

thank you very much for the clarification. Please let me say that I enjoy the 34s immensely.

Best regards,