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HP-42S Manuals - Matt Agajanian - 03-01-2012

Hello all,

Aside from the eBay option, where else might I find both the HP-42S and 'Programming Examples & Techniques" manuals in new, like new, very good or good condition?

Re: HP-42S Manuals - M. Joury - 03-01-2012

If you don't mind an electronic copy you could try the museum DVD from this site. That manual along with many others is included.



Re: HP-42S Manuals - Matt Agajanian - 03-01-2012

That was an idea I was fiddling with. I suppose FedEx Office, Staples or Office Depot could print off & comb- or spiral-bound it after the copy is made. I spoke with an HP tech earlier this morning and they said that'd be okay since it was a personal copy.

I was also fiddling with this idea to get a hardcopy of my HP-35s PDF.

Edited: 1 Mar 2012, 4:32 p.m.

Re: HP-42S Manuals - DavidShenk - 03-01-2012

You can post in the classifieds here, but I think your best bet is either the electronic version on the DVD sold here, or the auction site.

Here is a link to an alternate manual here.


Re: HP-42S Manuals - Matt Agajanian - 03-01-2012

I downloaded the alt manual as it's a nifty for a Quick Reference version. To be on the resourceful side, I also opted for the HP Museum DVD set.

Re: HP-42S Manuals - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 03-01-2012


Printing the manual works great on any good quality ink jet printer. A lot of current printers will do both sides, or you can just do odd side and then reload and print even side to get two sided printing. I'm lucky in that I have a 10 year old HP Deskjet 990CSE professional series ink jet printer that's fast and does both sides. It cost me a lot ten years ago, but it still performs as if it was new. I've probally done hundreds of manuals on it.

I usually opt to print on heavier paper, 22 or 24 lb weight, and use a good quality paper designed for high quality ink jet printing.

The nice thing about printing your own manuals is that you can have the page expanded to fit the full size of a letter page. It makes it a lot easier to read, especially for my old eyes.

Staples will punch and spiral bind with clear plastic cover and a black back cover for less that $5. The wire spiral binding is a lot better than the plastic comb binding, since you can fully fold the pages back on themselves.

If you have a bound manual, Staples will also slice the binding off and wire bind it for you for about $2 more. I have taken bound manuals which are smaller than letter size, have Staples slice off the binding, scan the manual, print a copy to letter size and then have Staples wire bind the original and the printed copy. This will give me a larger manual to use on a daily basis.

Anymore, I perfer good quality PDF manuals that I can print myself, to smaller sized printed manuals.


Re: HP-42S Manuals - Matt Agajanian - 03-01-2012

Fantastic idea. When I get the DVD set, I'll keep that in mind when
I go to Staples.

Re: HP-42S Manuals - Didier Lachieze - 03-01-2012

I recommend you get the DVD as in addition to the HP-42s Owner's Manual you'll also get the companion manual HP-42S Programming Examples & Techniques which is quite difficult to find in printed format at reasonable price.

Re: HP-42S Manuals - Matt Agajanian - 03-01-2012

That's the next book on my list AND being that the DVD will contain that one as well, I'm set!