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HP-41 USB-82143A info released. - Diego Diaz - 02-28-2012

Hi all,

I've released a preliminary manual as well as a simple utility build on top of a .NET VB serial terminal application.

Archive download is available here.

Basic interface directions required to build a suitable application on other platforms is also included in the manual.

Hope you find it useful (or at least interesting... ;-)

Cheers from Caribbean Sea.


Re: HP-41 USB-82143A info released. - Ángel Martin - 02-28-2012

Yes Diego, very interesting, and likely also useful :-)

A couple of quick questions before I do a deeper reading:-

1. Will you make the HW available soon as well as re. 3.0 of Clonix config?

2. Will said revision also support page#4 in the GUI?


Re: HP-41 USB-82143A info released. - Diego Diaz - 02-28-2012

Hi Ángel,

Yes to both, and for the same reasons. I have not the source code of ClonixConfig.exe with me nor the parts to build the HP41<>USB interface modules.

I'm planing a small run of 20 units and obviously the release of required ver. 3.0 of the configuration utility which will allow (y)our beloved page #4... ;-) But this will have to wait until I get back home.

In the meantime, maybe someone can find the info from the manual useful to build an alternate platform utility.

Cheers from Dom. Republic.


Re: HP-41 USB-82143A info released. - Kerem Kapkin (Silicon Valley, CA) - 02-28-2012

This is great Diego, one more capability to expand our good old HP-41! I read the information you provided and sounds like this is a Clonix module with Printer ROM emulation and output to USB/PC. Do you think it would be possible in the future to support something like the optical wand ROM and use that to transfer data and FOCAL programs into the HP-41 from USB/PC? Thanks !!

Re: HP-41 USB-82143A info released. - Diego Diaz - 02-28-2012

Hi Kerem,

Yes, it have been built like a Clonix with I/O functionality.

The Clonix part has been modified to allow the extra functions without disturbing the ROM images replication.

Regarding other I/O devices emulation like the Wand (or the Card Reader), the most difficult part is that these type of devices make use of the IF signal which I must admit I don't quite understand yet, so a lot of research is ahead before a "simulated Wand" can see the *light*... :-)