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RPN/Algebraic calculator for most PDAs - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 08-26-2002

See www.infinitysw.com for information about powerOne, a nice RPN calculator which runs in Palm- and WindowsCE-based PDAs. While not cheap, it seems to be a good product. I haven't used it yet.

Quote from the manufacturers info:

"Customizable to fit your needs: You choose how powerOne Finance works.

Input Methods: Old HP users will like the RPN input. Scientific calculator users will like the Order of Operation input (3+4*5 = 23), and standard financial calculator users will appreciate the Chain input method (3+4*5 = 35)."

My remarks:

a) powerOne is very configurable!!

b) Are all RPN supporters (like me) "old"?

c) Once more, RPN mode is the one which doesn't need any explanation!!

Re: RPN/Algebraic calculator for most PDAs - Ellis Easley - 08-26-2002

b) for the sake of our vanity, I will assume the writer meant users of old HP calculators, before HP began supporting algebraic.

c) I am beginning to realize that it wasn't HP's RPN method that "AOS" was trying to improve on, but the number juggling you have to do with earlier TI calculators.