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[OT] Free42 on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Les Wright - 02-25-2012

This is a a question that affects few if any people here, so I will keep it brief.

I am wondering if anyone here has managed to successfully repackage Thomas Okken's Free42 Android app APK file as the requisite BAR file for use under the recently released BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.

The compatibility tester on RIM's developer pages indicates that the original APK has some barriers to successful repackaging, but I don't know if they are so unsurmountable that someone hasn't managed to tweak Thomas's source code to make the repackaging successful. It certainly is a programming job outside of my knowledge base.

An obscure question, but if anyone has had any success here I would love to share in it.


Re: [OT] Free42 on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Thomas Okken - 02-25-2012

I tried feeding the apk from my web site to RIM's compatibility tester, and got these results:

| Impact | Type | Reason |
| 2 | uses-small-icon | Icon size must be 86x86 |
| 5 | uses-access-native | com.thomasokken.free42.Free42Activity |

The first issue is trivial; I can always add another icon.

The second is a killer. The Free42 core is written in C++ and must be compiled as native code. (Compiling C++ to Java byte codes is, for all practical intents and purposes, impossible, and rewriting 38,000+ lines of C++ in Java is something I'm unwilling to do.)

I did sign up to be notified when native code support becomes available, so if and when that happens, I'll take another look.

- Thomas