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[DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Alexander Oestert - 02-20-2012

Just to report my success and to encourage other proud new owners I wanted to inform you that flashing the cute little DM-15cc with MEM80 and MEM1b firmware worked just fine on an Asus eeePC running under XP/3.

Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - hpnut - 02-20-2012

Hi Alexander,

That's great! I am waiting for my DM-15CC to arrive. So please tell us what changes the flashing will do to the calculator?


hpnut in Malaysia

Re: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked! - Alexander Oestert - 02-20-2012

Flashing with the alternative firmwares that Michael Steinmann provides on his site does increase memory - as described on his site!

DM-15cc fixed! - Gene Wright - 02-21-2012

I had earlier posted that the lower left corner of my DM-15cc was not flush together and gave movement and an audible noise when the ON button was pressed.

Took it apart and the cause was that one of the 4 corner "posts" that the screws go into was not mounted on the main PC board corner. The other 3 were, but the fourth one was not.

Some soldering and a few minutes later, voila. No problem.

FYI. All is good.

Re: DM-15cc fixed! - Reth - 02-21-2012

FYI. All is good.

How about the keyboard? Mine is next to useless. I didn't expect it to be sooo bad...


Re: DM-15cc fixed! - Alexander Oestert - 02-22-2012

Overall, my keyboard is ok, I only have problems making the EEX/pi and + keys register. That sometimes takes a few more presses...

By no means the DM-15cc could replace any original HP machine, but due to its credit card size it is an easy to carry allways-in-my-pocket-calculator that has amazing powers. Still, I already thought about selling it again because I have quite large hands...but who on the auction site would know what it was?!? ;-)