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go41cx V1.4.0 - Olivier De Smet - 02-15-2012

Last release with the return of the text overlays :)
But only with one label per key :(
(use them with 'black' graphic overlay or 'opt001' skin)

- sound added (even synthetic tones)
- ADV working now
- inline help


Re: go41cx V1.4.0 - Vincent Weber - 02-15-2012

Thanks and congrats Olivier, this is awesome work !

Now go41CX is 99% on par with i41CX+ - your are not stuck with Apple if you want a pocketable emulation of the 41CX !
i41CX+ has a CAS in addition, but this CAS was never part of the real 41 and is really stretching it too far...

Now, the nice thing would be to bring your other calcs to the same level of polishing: high-res skins and moving keys, landscape orientation + better sized help screen for the voyagers,.... :)



Re: go41cx V1.4.0 - Alexander Oestert - 02-16-2012

Wonderful! Great! I'm loving it!:-)

You're shelling out new versions faster than I can find any flaws with the old ones... ;-)

I think I have only one wish on my list open: having a dedicated folder for all the associated files other than 'download' - everything gets so cluttered there as it mixes with all my other downloaded items.

Here is my version of an empty png overlay to use with user txt overlays as provided in the newest version 1.4 of go41cx. I have emptied just the first two rows, all the rest is the original.

EDIT: Edited the overlay png

Edited: 16 Feb 2012, 10:14 a.m.