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The end of HP calculators - Vázquez - 08-21-2002


I feel like I'm in a time warp - Jim L - 08-21-2002

First I read how HP may be coming back in calculators. Then this gets posted. But this page is a year old - from back before HP needed to come back.

Re: I feel like I'm in a time warp - J.Manrique - 08-22-2002

Yes, it is old, but almost true.

ACO, the team that developed hp49, hp39 and hp40 has disappeared a long time ago..

HP is coming back in calculators business, but its way is not clear.

As far as it is know, HP doesn't have engineers working in HP calculators, just managers and business people, so maybe, and just maybe, next HP calcs are going to be produced by third-party companies and re-branded under HP logo.. Like hp6s or hp30s.. but I hope with better quality that these past experiences..

HP is planning to remake up every calc line (business, scientific and graphic).. but I don't expect any super-machine in graphic line.. but, it is HP, so, who knows?

We have to wait until September for real HP news..

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Calculators Users Group from Gijón
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Re: I feel like I'm in a time warp - J Tiers - 08-23-2002

As far as I know, the "get it made for us" approach is HP's new "business model".

They have as much as said that they don't want to actually make anything anymore. In fact, as a user of electronic test equipment, I think the calculators were one of their best products.
I could quibble about other stuff, I like Tek much better for 'scopes, Fluke better for meters, etc, etc.

But there isn't a better calculator to my way of thinking than the HP, and I have owned a few, including HP 21 and HP 41CV, Rockwell, TI, and a few other throwaway versions.

The 21 replaced a hand-held Rockwell with the old "green nixie" readout, if you want to date my involvement......

The Rockwell was a special engineering school deal. The school did a volume purchase. It replaced the slide rule I had been using for previous schooling.