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HP 71B self test keys - Rick - 08-21-2002


Could someone tell me what the keys are to carry out the self test on the 71B please.


Re: HP 71B self test keys - Gordon Dyer - 08-22-2002

Hi Rick, there is no specific key sequence for self-test, but HP have a section in the User Manual which tell you what to do to test the HP-71B.

I have scanned it and OCR'd and will email it to you.



Re: HP 71B self test keys - J-F Garnier - 08-23-2002

There is a limited self test feature: press ON-/, 'INIT' message is displayed. Press 2 then ENDLINE and ROM checksums are tested. Be carefull with INIT sequence: 1 is for operation interruption, 2 for ROM test, and 3 for master reset (Memory lost)!