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it's here !!! - Alberto Fenini - 02-06-2012

I know it's kind of childish, but I couldn't resist.

When I started collecting few years ago, I had never thought I would have one

I just wanted to share with everybody that my Red Dot is finally here...

The serial number (barely readable) is 1143A 02499

This unit is actually joining the rest of the family, a version 2 with raised dot, a more common version 3 and a very common version 4.

Should I consider opening this unit and replacing the key "."
and restoring the silver trim or should I leave it the way it is ???

If of interest to anyone, I will post pics of the manual, which is also for the red dot, and of the power supply which to me looks very much older than the usual classic power supply

Take care everybody,

Re: it's here !!! - Michael de Estrada - 02-06-2012

Fantastico ! Please don't restore it or open it. Antiques should be only carefully cleaned and left in their original condition. What is wrong with the "." key, anyway ?

Re: it's here !!! - Alberto Fenini - 02-06-2012

I agree with you, even if I have restored all my calcs, I feel I should only clean this one and nothing more.

The "." key is kind of molded, like if it was exposed to some high temperature or if it came in contact with some fire

but is fully working.
thanks for the comment !

Re: it's here !!! - Giovanni Jimenez - 02-06-2012


Could you please contact me ? Send me an email to gjimenezdorigo_at_yahoo.com

would like to talk about the HP-35 Red Dot (dont worry, won't try to buy it from you, I know these are invaluable ! ).

Thank you


Re: it's here !!! - Michael de Estrada - 02-06-2012

I now see what you mean about the "." key. I certainly would not be concerned about this.

Re: it's here !!! - Chuck - 02-06-2012

Could it be from those grand days of cigarettes for all?

Re: it's here !!! - Michael de Estrada - 02-06-2012

Or a pipe ember.

Re: it's here !!! - aj04062 - 02-06-2012

Several calculators in my collection have these battle scars from old.

I agree, leave it.

Re: it's here !!! - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 02-07-2012

Congrats! I agree with the others. I would never open it. Leave it as it is and be happy to finally own one.


Edited: 7 Feb 2012, 2:53 a.m.

Re: it's here !!! - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 02-07-2012

Congrats Alberto and welcome to the club! ;)

Looks like there's quite a few of them here in Italy...


Re: it's here !!! - Ignazio Cara (Italy) - 02-07-2012

Welcome Alberto,
another RD in Italy!
BTW, how many 35 RD there are in Italy?
A survey proposal.



Re: it's here !!! - Paolo Reda - 02-07-2012

Be very proud, enjoy this litle gem. I remember when I open the box of my RD...... Many many year ago...

Re: it's here !!! - Eddie W. Shore - 02-08-2012

Happy dance Alberto! :).

Re: it's here !!! - aurelio - 02-09-2012

complimenti Alberto, for your new entry, congratulations

Re: it's here !!! - Matthias Wehrli - 02-09-2012

Crap, one more for you is one less for me .....
Keep it save ;)

Re: it's here !!! - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 02-10-2012

Matthias, you can't have everything!

Eheheheh :)))


Re: it's here !!! - Alberto Fenini - 02-10-2012

Not even the silver trim ???????????????

Take care and have a nice weekend !

Re: it's here !!! - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 02-10-2012

No, don't touch it! ;-)