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WP34s Stopwatch - Hans-Peter Bieger - 01-30-2012

How can i get the stopwachmode with the 2351 firmware?

"Made stop watch work again. Hot key is now h (hold) + EXIT."

At my wp34s:
h+Exit=power off

can anyone help me?


Re: WP34s Stopwatch - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 01-30-2012

It's normally not compiled in. You should equip your device with a crystal, then you can simply use the calc_xtal.bin variant of the flash file.

If you need it, I can prepare a version with the stop watch enabled even without a crystal but it is of limited accuracy.

Re: WP34s Stopwatch - pascal_meheut - 01-31-2012

This is still a work in progress but as Marcus said, it should be available in an specific firmware version.

Without a crystal, the accuracy is indeed quite limited so the plan is also to integrate a calibration mechanism in the distribution. But it will take some time.

Re: WP34s Stopwatch - Hans-Peter Bieger - 02-01-2012

Today i had the "sandcorns" in my mailbox. Ich hope to get the crystals for the weekend. Then i will see:-)

Thanks for the fast answer