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modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Garth Wilson - 01-30-2012

I posted questions about the MLDL2000, NoV32/64, Clonix, and 41CL comparison on TOS, as having it there will keep it much easier to find later than it would be here on the hpmuseum forum, and much easier to update months or even years later. From the forum front index page, look under "OPTIONS" and click on "Modules" about 3/4 of the way down the page, and then 'modern "supermodule" choices on the market' (which will probably be at the top of that section now).

Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Diego Diaz - 01-30-2012

Hi there,

In order to cover the Clonix and NoV's side of your post, I'm preparing a comparative chart of the modules I've developed along these years.

Hopefully it will be on-line in a couple of days.

Best wishes.


Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Meindert Kuipers - 01-31-2012

I have seen the questions on TOS. I would prefer this forum to collect data, then you could compile a single document to be stored forever in the MoHPC and on TOS.

Here is my feedback regarding the MLDL2000 to your questions:

Battery life: about 8 mA extra when the HP41 is running, less than 1 mA in standby

Module support: virtually no limits, but knowledge of HP41 architecture required. both ROM and ROM emulation (mcode development) supported. HEPAX limited support (like in 41CL, special configuration needed).

Communication: Module images to be up- and downloded using Windows PC with special program (M2kM) using a USB connection. No Linux support (tried, but could not get the USB support properly running).
No serial port, but USB. Serial port possible with V2 prototype, but not implemented.

Settings: Controlled by PC software M2kM, no special ROM's needed to control MLDL2000

Storage: FLASH and SRAM storage for many ROM images. Switchable via PC connection or dip-switches on unit (8 configurations possible). Mass storage possible on MLDL2000 V2 prototype, but this will probably not happen. microSD support an USB comunication planned as extension to the HP41CL

Compatiblility: works with all HP41 variations, including CL. Can co-exist with Clonix if correctly configured.

Mcode development: YES, offline (with SDK41 and M2kM), and inline with DAVID assmebled for example

Learning curve: somewhat steep, knowledge of HP41 architecture required

Documnentation: all details available, inlcuding all sources and schematics

How to buy: sorry, all units sold out, no plans for further production runs or a new version V2 (unless I get an offer I cant refuse ...)


Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Diego Diaz - 02-01-2012

Hi all,

A comparative chart for Clonix and NoV's module family is now available here.

Hope it can be useful

All the best.


Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Ángel Martin - 02-01-2012

Great summary table Diego, thanks for putting it together.

Now I´m ready for my next NoV64 order :'=)

Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Kerem Kapkin (Silicon Valley, CA) - 02-01-2012

Diego, this is a GREAT comparison table! Thank you for putting it together. Your Clonix-D and NoVRAM-64 modules give so more capability and flexibility to my 41CL and HP-41. They have been very valuable companions.

Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Diego Diaz - 02-02-2012

Thanks for your words, much appreciated.

Ángel, I'm pretty sure you'll be one of the users than can take all the "juice" off a NoV-64... :-) Look forward to reading from you.

Glad you're having a good time with your CL/NoV's combo, Kerem.



Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Garth Wilson - 02-02-2012

Thankyou Meindert. Are you implying that it would be ok at this point (which may still be intermediate) to also quote your post above in the topic on TOS? I would be pleased to see you offer more product, including a V2.

Edited: 2 Feb 2012, 4:23 p.m.

Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Garth Wilson - 02-02-2012

Thankyou Diego. I have read through it carefully. Not surprisingly, I have more questions now than I did at the beginning when I didn't know enough to have many questions, LOL. I do want to get one of the modules, and it's a good thing I'm not in a huge hurry because our son's college tuition bill and two big tax bills just took care of the problem of too much money in the bank account! ;)

Re: modern HP-41 "supermodule" choices on the market - Diego Diaz - 02-02-2012

Hi Garth,

Questions are always welcome, (I've learned a lot by answering someone else's questions... :-)

If you think your questions can be of general interest for the other users please share it. Otherwise, just drop me a private mail.

You can take your time, all of my modules are in production in an "on-demand" basis. So please feel free to choose the moment that better suits your needs and budget.

Best wishes.