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NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - cgh - 01-28-2012


I delievered on TOS a modifed code for the NoVRAM and NoV-32 built by Diego Diaz. This is the -M extension.

The aim is to use the 6 pages ROM and 4 or 8 pages RAM at almost the same time, with a dynamic configuration. Like I do not like very much HEPAX, I was finding a solution to test WWRamBox and ES-MLDL images.

I also introduced based on the first work of Diego a feature to disable the RAM read at module plug-in, but keep the write. This is useful to correct or erase a bad RAM page without loosing the others and without flashing the whole module.

Like this code is not handled by the ClonixWinCfg or ClonixCfg tools, please, read the PDF included to learn how to install them. Do not hesitate to contact me if you got trouble.

This code is NOT currently confirmed and approved by Diego but I did not run any problem while using it for one month.

I only tested these two codes (NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M) in a NoV-32 module, but I believe that NoVRAM-M will run on a NoVRAM.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage on the modules, accessories or calculator which may result when using the code.

Thanks to Diego Diaz who has developpend and built the Clonix and NoV* module.



Edited: 28 Jan 2012, 12:56 p.m.

Re: NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - Diego Diaz - 01-28-2012

Hi Christophe, all,

Although I've not had the time for a throughout test, I'm positive that your mods won't hurt any module or calculator... ;-)

I'm also glad to see NoV's users offering other alternatives to the community based on my projects.

Keep up the good job and... enjoy it!


Re: NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - cgh - 01-28-2012

Hi Diego, all,

I am happy to ear that. This is due to a question asked by someone I gave the demonstration.

"Is there any risks to damage my calculator by using this module (NoV-32-M) ?"

Feel free to send me all remarks you may have.



Edited: 28 Jan 2012, 6:15 p.m.

Re: NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - Ángel Martin - 01-29-2012

I also think this is good news, adds versatility to the NoVRAM´s platform (Diego´s brainchild) and keeps the 41 alive & kicking.

For sure it´s great if you don´t like the HEPAX or use it, but in your readme file there´s a couple of opening statements that I don´t think are accurate.

1.- the usage of page 6 is only done when there´s no printer, so no conflict will ever occur.

2.- despite having 4 pages they´re bank-switched, so the actual ¨footprint¨ is just one - albeit of course the four blocks need to be burned on the NoVRAM.

3.' Yes XF/XFA are redundant to a CX user, but remember that back then there was a huge instaled base using C´s and CV´s. Besides HEPAX/HEPAXA were all new, and the multi-function technique they invented broke the "FAT barrier". That was innovation - like your new application here also is!

Thanks for sharing, I´ll look into it as it deserves when time permits - but I´m an unconditional HEPAX fan :=)


Edited: 29 Jan 2012, 5:11 p.m.

Re: NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - Richard Wagoner - 02-01-2012

Christophe - As as new user i gotta ask about TOS. I know it's a reference to another site, but what site??

Geez it's not Voldemort....is it....??

Please point me to it.


Rick (the new guy)

Re: NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 02-01-2012

It is Voldemort. ;-)

The site has an ORG domain and deals with one of the most famous HP calculators ever. It had a 14 segment LCD display if that helps.

Re: NoVRAM-M and NoV-32-M - Richard Wagoner - 02-01-2012

I just had to dig a bit further.....thanks for that!