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Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - MikeO - 01-28-2012

I've posted version 1.1.

You can find it by searching the market for 'hp67'. I've added code which dynamically scales the button areas based on the screen density and size.

Not sure how the tablets will handle it - I think much better now - but I may need to produce some higher resolution graphics for those. In the meantime, checkout the tip from Bill regarding the 'zoom' option when running the app on tablets.

Thanks for the feedback. Hope you like this application!


Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Alexander Oestert - 01-28-2012

The LED display is still way too small but at the right position. The touch sensitive area is slightly above each corresponding key: in the first row it is approximately 1/3 of the key height too high, that distance rises the lower one gets and is over one whole key height in the last row on my android tablet.

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 01-28-2012

Hi Mike,

Just tested the latest. Somewhat better but still has issues with pressing the keys.

On my Droid X Phone, I need to press the keys slightly above the key. It's close, but I have to really concentrate on where I am touching.

On my Acer A500 Tablet, the keypress is quite a bit above the key. I'm thinking that zooming it up, accentuates the amount above the key.

You will diffintely want to create a higher resolution image for the tablets. It's like an out of focus photo.

You're getting close. Can't wait to see the next iteration.



Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 01-28-2012

Success on my Galaxy Note @1280*800: every key is right now.

Thank you very much,

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Lode - 01-28-2012

Looks good! Is there an option to turn off the vibration if you press a key though? I can't find such option, but would like to turn it off. Thanks!

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - MikeO - 01-28-2012

I'll add that as an option. I found personally, without the tactile response, I was often unsure if a key was actually pressed or not.

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - MikeO - 01-28-2012

Yes. I think I'm going to need to load up Honeycomb and/or Ice cream sandwich and make a tablet version of this. It's too bad that the android team didn't think of including a (effective) mode in the tablets that would support applications designed for smaller format devices.


Edited: 28 Jan 2012, 12:56 p.m.

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - MikeO - 01-28-2012

Hi Bill, yes. see above post re: tablet version.

As for the Droid X, not sure why it's behaving differently than the other phones. On paper, it's 854x480 - my EVO 4G is 800x480. Shouldn't be that different.

I'll have to add some metrics reporting to the application. I'm thinking it would be cool to generate a "data card" in the programs directory so that users could send it to me (or even examine the numbers in the registers) - but I'll probably just add a dialog that dumps the relevant metrics to the screen.

Edited: 28 Jan 2012, 1:16 p.m.

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - M. Joury - 01-29-2012

Still can't load it on my 2.3.5 device. Has anyone else managed to load this on an Android 2.3.5 or 2.3.4 device?



Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Vincent Weber - 01-30-2012

Hi Marwan,

I had no problem loading it on my Samsung Galaxy Wifi 4.0 (YP-GP1, not a phone but a PMP tablet) running Gingerbread 2.3.5 then upgraded to 2.3.6.

Actually I'm quite surprise you can't load it. Very few devices will have 2.3.7, I think it was a very specific Gingerbread version to run Google Wallet on the Nexus. So if the 2.3.7 requirement was strictly enforced, that would be as good as saying that no Gingerbread device can run it, and that you need Honeycomb (for tablets only) or Ice Cream Sandwich (very few phones upgraded to it at the moment), so, it would be almost as good as saying "for tablets only, no phones". You should be able to see it on any 2.3.x device..... Strange how Aandroid can be sometimes !


Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - M. Joury - 01-30-2012

Hi Vincent,

That is truly interesting. I am using the exact same device running 2.3.5 and I can't find it through the marketplace directly. If I access it through a web search I can find it but I am told that it is not compatible with my machine. Very odd. Off topic: How did you upgrade to 2.3.6?

I'll try again this morning.



Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Vincent Weber - 01-30-2012

Hi Marwan,

Amazing ! I can only think that you are running a US version (are
you ?) while i'm using a French version, and that makes a difference for the Market despite running the same version.

As for upgrading, that was painful. I was running Froyo, I decided that HP-67 emulator was a good reason to upgrade to Gingerbread... so I tried with Kies, which is a real piece of crap, could never get anything out of it. I managed to find a 2.3.5 rom and upgrade via Odin, which was a breezed a worked perfectly first time.... only to realize that 2.3.5 on the GB-YP1 had a major bug: plugging in earphones would crash the device, and that was fixed in 2.3.6 !! I tried the whole day to find a 2.3.6 rom, with no succes; i was discouraged, then, playing the settings on my device I realize that OTA (Over The Air) was actually available on 2.3.5, unlike Froyo ! if you run 2.3.5, simply open the settings, "about device", the first entry is "software update" ! it worked perfectly to upgrade to 2.3.6, unlike stupid Kies.

Hope this helps, cheers,


Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - M. Joury - 01-30-2012

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for all the information. And yes, I am running a US version. I wonder if that is indeed the difference. Very strange of ot os but as far as I can tell that is the only difference between our machines.

Thanks again,


Edit: And there is another difference. Mine does not have the "Update" option under Setting->About device. Odder and odder...

Edited: 30 Jan 2012, 1:31 p.m.

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - MikeO - 01-30-2012

Yes. I see that the market lists 2.3.7, but I know that the target SDK version is 10. This is a setting in the application manifest which tells the market which version of SDK the application is targeting. I think the market simply lists out the latest 2.3 version.

The level 10 Android SDK should target any 2.3.x android version. That said, manufacturers are free to change the Android source - I'm wondering if this is part of the problem. An update may fix the problem.

Re: Android HP67 - v1.1 posted - Thomas Okken - 02-08-2012

For what it's worth, I was able to install and run it under 2.3.3 (CyanogenMod 7.0.3 on HTC Aria).