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gene - Now a thief is using a pic of mine on ebay - 08-17-2002


The above is his listing for a TI 59 and printer. Note the paper does not go all the way across the print window. I took this picture last week on my kitchen table.

Here is my original auction listing. Note that the pictures are the same!


Oh well!

Re: gene - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-17-2002


at least he sort of mentions that he 'borrowed' the picture;-)

Here in Germany I sometimes see pictures from the museum in eBay auctions, too.
Some of the ellers add a link to here, others don't.

I asked some of the sellers if the photos showed their actual calcs.
Only one of them answered my request, and stated that it was taken from here.

If I were the owner of those pictures, and didn't want them to be borrowed w/o permission or at least a suitable link, I'd place a huge watermark across the whole photo.
Only those people who buy the museum CD would get pictures w/o the watermark.
The small MoHPC logo on the edge of a picture isn't enough.
As can be seen many times, it'll simply cut off...



Re: gene - Gene - 08-18-2002

yes, not quite the full "thief" as i thought at first. i emailed him and he quickly apologozed and added the note.