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HPTalx and HP48S - Cristian Arezzini - 01-20-2012

After a nasty battery leak accident, I decided to remove the batteries from ALL my calculators, except the ones I use daily. This means I have to make backups where applicable, including my several 48 series. I used HPTalx (because I'm on Linux exclusively) and had no problems with my 48G/GX's. But when I try to connect my 48S, something happens - the calculator screen does show data going back and forth - but HPTalx complains that the calculator is unknown. The hardware settings are the same as on the G/GX. As fas as I knew, the protocol is the same... Has someone tried the combination HPTalx/HP48s? Can anyone try? Is there some protocol difference between the two families? I couldn't find anything online...


Re: HPTalx and HP48S - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-20-2012


does HPTalx support the S series at all?

While it implements KERMIT, there's a chance that

the one or other remote cmd returns different results.

As an example, the VERSION cmd is not available on the S series

Or maybe there's an assumption related to the BDL (Binary Download Header) ,

which may not be suitable for the target platform.

Maybe the doc or the sources could tell more?


Re: HPTalx and HP48S - Cristian Arezzini - 01-20-2012

Hi Raymond, I didn't think of looking into the sources, I will do that, thank you! At worst, I can always beam the data to a 48G with infrared (or cable) and backup the data from there...

Thank you,