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strange classic power supply (pics) - Alberto Fenini - 01-16-2012

ciao a tutti,

last weekend I was sorting out few things in my collection, and I have found out this power supply.

Is quite different from all the others I have, mostly for the shape, and the fact that is only 110 Volts makes me think is quite old.

Has anyone ever seen it before ?

Thanks for your comments, Alberto

Re: strange classic power supply (pics) - Paul Berger (Canada) - 01-16-2012

That is the North American version of the charger used by the "Classics". My 35 has one that is identical to the one in your picture.

Re: strange classic power supply (pics) - hpnut - 01-16-2012

a good example of an ugly industrial design. are those cooling fins (the six projections at the top)?

Re: strange classic power supply (pics) - Michael de Estrada - 01-16-2012

Plastic cooling fins ?

Re: strange classic power supply (pics) - Ethan Conner - 01-16-2012

There are some advantages. Up to 40% lighter, no antenna effect for reduced emi. This is from the Cool Shield website.

Thermal Magic Technology releases its new aluminum-plastic lamp cup, whose weight is lesser and cost is lower compared to aluminum lamp cup.Based on the results of experiments, the average temperature of aluminum-plastic cooling fin is six degrees Celsius lower than that of aluminum cooling pin. Quote from a Taiwan light show.