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48GX touchup paint - David Griffith - 01-12-2012

Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with a little scratch on the bezel of a HP48GX? It wouldn't bother me, but it's a bright slice of shiny in the middle of a field of flat grey

Re: 48GX touchup paint - Vince (Italy) - 01-12-2012

I treated several issue of this kind (including some faded badges on the Voyager series) with enamel paint for model making (Humbrol better than Revell, in my experience). You have to spread several thin layers of diluted paint, gently rubbing them on the surface. A satisfying result can be fixed with transparent spray varnish.

Obviously, you have to mask the surrounding area (and the whole calculator) with tape and paper.

Hope it helps


Re: 48GX touchup paint - David Griffith - 01-13-2012

The scratch isn't bad. It looks like there was a burr left after the bezel was punched out. The shiny spot is on where a burr used to be. I'm probably just worrying about nothing.

Re: 48GX touchup paint - Lincoln R. - 01-13-2012

I've been meaning to do some experimentation with Testor's model paint (much more available in the US than the brands you mentioned) on an old 32sII that looks like it went through a sand blaster. The last time I messed with it I was just trying to mix to get the colors right and painting some of it onto aluminum foil (similar color to the metal faceplate)

Re: 48GX touchup paint - Vince (Italy) - 01-13-2012

Probably the one is as good as the others. If you carefully try out progressive dilutions directly onto the calculator, it's likely you find the best matching mix; the paint can be easily removed by a specific thinner, that shouldn't damage the original painting