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HP 42S - Richard Garner - 08-12-2002

I see there are 2 must have at any cost beginners that are driving the price of the 42S's up again.



Re: HP 42S - W. Bruce Maguire II - 08-12-2002

That's funny!

That kind of "I'll just keep adding one dollar to my bid until I top his" mentality is hilarious!

I wonder when (if ever?) it occurs to these people that their bidding pattern is completely transparent, and that we can all tell (usually with surprising accuracy) where their newest "high-bidder" bid lies? Oh well, just another person who doesn't get the idea of proxy bidding...


Re: HP 42S - John Aasen - 08-18-2002

What is HP's replacement for the 42S? (with every single function of a 42S and a size <= to the size of a 42S.)

If there isn't one, why doesn't HP design one or just crank up production of the old design again so we can buy these without the Ebay crazyness. If HP did a new similiar design, the only feature I'd like to see changed is screen size increased to about double vertically.

Has anyone contacted HP about this?

Re: HP 42S - Thibaut.be - 08-18-2002

Well, sure there's nothing as good as the 42S...

However how much 42S would HP sell should they start up the production line again... 50 ? 200 ? 1000 ? seems that this community only want to purchase one, and a unit figure with less than 6 digits is not interesting for HP....

Re: HP 42S - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-18-2002


I think many would buy at least two units,
if the price is suitable;-)