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New Year's resolutions ? - Michael de Estrada - 12-17-2011

Do you have any New Year's resolutions vis a vis calculators ? Mine is very simple - no more calculators. It's not that I can't afford them, because I can. It's simply a matter of having every make and model, past and present, that interests me. In many cases I have more than one sample of a given model, and they all are in working condition. In some cases I'm missing accessories such as an HP-70 printed manual, but in most cases they're complete. I have insufficient room to store them. Some are stored in shoe boxes, piled up in a closet. Some are piled up in a display case. Some just sit on the floor in the middle of my home office (aka guest bedroom). Enough is enough.

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - Egan Ford - 12-17-2011

I'd like to complete another HP-IL project and write about it in 2012.

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - Eric Smith - 12-18-2011

Some years back I made a New Year's resolution that I wouldn't make any New Year's resolutions. Thus far I'm doing a pretty good job of sticking to that one.

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - Hans Brueggemann - 12-18-2011

That's an easy one: Get my first batch of FRAM71 modules into production ;o)

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - Namir - 12-18-2011

What is a New Year's resolution???? Is it a piece of software or hardware?

Edited: 18 Dec 2011, 10:52 a.m.

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - David Ramsey - 12-18-2011

I'm making the same resolution: no more calculators or related items in 2012, mainly because of the insane spending spree I went on this year re desktop machines. Not only did I spend a lot of money, but I have no place else to put anything! Desktop machines are big!

Exceptions for previous commitments: a 41CL board, paper and parts for a 9100 printer, and that's it! No, really...

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - Eddie W. Shore - 12-18-2011

I think I am the opposite, I will probably collect additional calculators, both old and new during 2012. But then again, I won't need a resolution to do that.

Re: New Year's resolutions ? - David Hayden - 12-19-2011

Attend HHC2012.

Finish the coding project I started last spring and present it at the above conference.