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HP41CL Backup of Flash Contents - Frido Bohn - 12-15-2011

Spontaneously that notorious song came to my mind: Oops, I did it again.

In my case, I managed accidentaly to erase the flash contents of the sectors following the address 0x0C9. I realized that YFERASE works sector wise and not by page much too late.

Now my question: is there any archive from which I can backup those "last-minute" ROMs (ISENE to IMDB)?

Re: HP41CL Backup of Flash Contents - Monte Dalrymple - 12-15-2011

Those late-addition images are available at


The imdb image isn't posted yet, but there is no software

yet that can use it, so that shouldn't be a problem. If I

(or someone else) gets around to writing something that takes

advantage if it, I'll post it on the 41CL pages.