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HP-IL ftp files - robertoataulfo - 12-04-2011


I can not access. Anyone have an alternate address?

Re: HP-IL ftp files - Mark Hardman - 12-04-2011

Before the original ftp site disappeared, the Museum's Curator had the foresight to archive a copy at:


Mark Hardman

Re: HP-IL ftp files - Howard Owen - 12-04-2011

That archive has all the files broken out of the LIF images, which is quite useful. I seem to recall the nice thing about the original repo was it had LIF images you could use directly with an emulator or a real calc. I'm looking through my files for the original archive, so far with no luck.

Re: HP-IL ftp files - Howard Owen - 12-04-2011

I couldn't find the original archive, but I did find the LIF images themselves. I zipped them up here . If you want individual files, then the museum archive is good. This archive works better if you want to use the images with an emulator or through the PILBox or ISA card to a real calculator.

Re: HP-IL ftp files (New question) - robertoataulfo - 12-04-2011

how I can get a listing of the files?
Using PILBox
Cat ":DR" is very slow

1000 x thank's

Edited: 4 Dec 2011, 4:55 p.m.