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Opening a 100LX - David Ramsey - 11-28-2011

Just received an HP-100LC from Australia. Overall nice condition except several keys don't work: the vertical row of Esc, Tab, Q, A, and Z, and, oddly, the "Memo" key.

This should be a simple fix but I cannot figure out how to take the thing apart. Removing the four T6 screws under the rubber feet was easy, and this site:


...shows how to do it, but the description is unclear and the photos are small and taken from a poor angle. The "Slide the credit card until it's at the position shown below" photo is especially useless.

I'm assuming the credit card is supposed to push back a catch molded into one half of the shell, but I can't make it work, and I don't want to apply any more force for fear of breaking the unit's case. Any suggestions?

Edited: 28 Nov 2011, 7:42 p.m.

Re: Opening a 100LX - db (martinez, ca.) - 11-28-2011

one important thing: BE CAREFUL WITH THE HINGES!!

Re: Opening a 100LX - robert rozee - 11-29-2011

look at the exploded photos, and figure out where the strip of contacts between the PCB and keyboard membrane is. basically, sitting behind and just below the menu, right shift, "0", "." keys. found that location? on each side is a plastic pin that extends between the two halves of the case (mounded into the front of the case). these pins are very fragile.

the below photo shows the PCB from a 1000lx (identical), with the keyboard contacts at the bottom of the image. the pins pass through the holes at each end of the set of contacts:

when the case is together the two pins are a friction fit into 'sockets' in the back half, and somewhat vital to the connection to the keyboard. the purpose of the credit card is to help pull the two halves of the case apart parallel to each other, without twisting or bending the two pins - if they break off, you have major problems.

does this make things clearer?

you should be able to remove the base of the case with the screen closed. the only other thing holding the two parts together are the battery connections.

Re: Opening a 100LX - Hubert Weikert - 11-29-2011

Daniel Hertrich, the owner of the hermocom site, is very supportive and is keen to help. At least this is my experience.

Probably it is worth to ask him.


Re: Opening a 100LX - David Ramsey - 11-29-2011

Thanks Robert. I guess basically I just have to apply more pressure than I initially felt comfortable applying! Crossing my fingers...