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Static and HPs - Fouad M. Kaadou - 11-13-2011

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if its important to take precautions against static electricity when working with the inside of the older HP calculators(HP-25,67,97,41C...)?

I heard that its not necessary to worry about static with older devices without EPROMS, Flash Drives and newer technology. Is that true?

Thanks in Advance,


Re: Static and HPs - Lincoln R. - 11-13-2011

Many older ICs are actually more susceptible to static damage. Modern ICs are typically designed with some amount of ESD protection. However, you shouldn't have to be ridiculous about it: Don't wear a wool sweater, don't go walking around carpet, etc. and it might not hurt to touch something metal before working on a calculator.

Re: Static and HPs - Fouad M. Kaadou - 11-13-2011

Thanks for reassuring me .... I was really worried.