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Best documentation for different features? - David Hayden - 11-12-2011

I've been reading through the 48G manual and I was really impressed with the section on Units. Double-checking with the 50G User's Guide, I found that it really does do a much more thorough job of explaining how units work.

That got me thinking about other documentation. The 15C manuals do a great job describing SOLVE. I really liked the RPN primer in the 41C manual. So here's a question:

Which documentation do you think does the best job of describing which features of HP calculators?

Also, I wonder if the documentation becomes more and more brief as a feature gets older and older. It seems like RPN is glossed over in the newer manuals.


Re: Best documentation for different features? - Allen - 11-12-2011

The 15C and 41C manuals are hard to beat in many respects. I also like several of the older ones esp the HP67 manual, it's pretty thorough.

The 42S manual is also a very good example of a concise technical reference, though I would not put it in the same class as the manuals above. I do believe as the calculators become more feature rich, some of the discussion on theory is traded to keep the length and printing costs down.

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