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9100 printer paper - David Ramsey - 11-07-2011

The 9120a printer that sits on top of a 9100 calculator seems to be the electrostatic type: that is, the printhead electrically vaporizes a thin coating on the paper's surface to expose a black layer underneath.

I recall these printers from the 70s, but it's been decades since I've seen one or the special paper they use.

Are there still any sources for this paper?

Edited: 7 Nov 2011, 11:01 a.m.

Re: 9100 printer paper - Katie Wasserman - 11-07-2011

I've never had any luck finding a supply of this other than on ebay and only very rarely. While I no longer have a 9100 and printer, I do have a couple of other calculators (Olivetti Divisumma 18 and a Sharp El-8151) that use electrosensitive paper (that's the proper name for it) and they are equally hard to find paper for.

Re: 9100 printer paper - David Ramsey - 11-07-2011

Electrosensitive paper still seems to be used in the medical industry (makes sense, give that the printouts will never fade), but it all seems to be 2 5/16" width rather than the 2.5" width HP specs. Wonder if that would be a problem?