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HP-97S - aj04062 - 10-25-2011

Rebuild time!

Just obtained this 97S (minus the front plate, Help?) from an old doctor friend who also let me take an old 9810 too!

It's connected to a digital caliper with RED LEDs (Digit-Cal)

All seem to work, except the printer and card reader. I have the software with the unit too. Hopefully with a card reader rebuild, I can measure catheters like it was 1982!

Can anyone answer how accurate the "rarity scale is" on HPmuseum?

Edited: 25 Oct 2011, 9:24 p.m.

Re: HP-97S - hpnut - 10-25-2011

Interesting. is this a medical device or a physics lab measuring instrument?

Re: HP-97S - aj04062 - 10-25-2011

Medical Device. No blood, thank goodness. Really doesn't look used much.

Re: HP-97S - bill platt - 10-25-2011

The 97 was the iphone of its day: a universal platform for implementation of all sorts of cool stuff :-)