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Crystal to my 30b - robertoataulfo - 10-04-2011

To make the time functions accurate, it requires adding a crystal to my 30b.
Has anyone compiled a parts list and where to put them in a 30b?
Can I use this crystal for this purpose?


Edited: 4 Oct 2011, 4:07 p.m.

Re: Crystal to my 30b - Walter B - 10-04-2011

Marcus is our soldering expert here. He will tell you :-)

Re: Crystal to my 30b - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 10-04-2011

You just need the crystal and the two capacitors for the modification. Be prepared for some frustration while trying to solder the tiny parts to the barely appropriate solder pads. But its worth the effort and makes the serial interface much more reliable.

Re: Crystal to my 30b - Gerry Schultz - 10-04-2011

Hey Marcus, I asked Eric Rechlin of Hpcalc.org at the end of the HHC conference about this and he says he will be putting together a kit of parts needed to add a crystal to a 30b sometime before the end of the year. I too am interested in adding the crystal and capacitors to my 30b and if I had the values for the parts I could order them myself. But being a lazy person, having Eric put together the parts is good too.


Re: Crystal to my 30b - robertoataulfo - 10-04-2011

Marcus are these items?


Re: Crystal to my 30b - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 10-05-2011

Yes, but you just need:

  • 18 pF 0603 capacitors (quantity 2)
  • 32.768 kHz clock crystal (quantity 1)

Re: Crystal to my 30b - E.Lub_EU - 10-07-2011


As Marcus mentionned in his reply, you only need a crystal and 2 capacitors to add to your 30b.
One caveat is that the crystal has to be "compatible" with the capacitors chosen. Eric will have taken care of that in his kit.

If you do not get the kit through Eric, please verify that you order a crystal that is specified for a 12pF capacitive load (this parameter is often designated as "CL" in the specification sheet).

Hope this helps.

Good luck!