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Attention collectors! - robertoataulfo - 10-03-2011

Gunzen Computer Artillery Fire Data

Edited: 3 Oct 2011, 8:25 p.m.

Re: Attention collectors! - Martin Pinckney - 10-03-2011

Something similar that had been used in the German Army appeared a few years ago.

Re: Attention collectors! - Ángel Martin - 10-04-2011

The listing mentions 4 modules as not being present for "security reasons" . I know of three of those (actually the images are available at TOS), but has anybody ever heard ot the "fourth" one?

Maybe it's just a myth?

Re: Attention collectors! - David Hayden - 10-04-2011

Didn't Geoff show something like that during his presentation at HHC 2011? :)