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HP 15c LE Display timing issues? - Michael Kussmaul - 10-01-2011

I'm aware of the PSE bug in the current 15c LE firmware, but I'm wondering if the following issue is also present in the original 15c:

As written on page 144 in the manual, if you store/reclall a value on a matrix you can just hold the button "about 3 seconds" to cancel assignment - the calculator will display "null".

Now it looks like on my 15c LE this is rather 2 seconds or even less - also in general if the calculator does show status messages (e.g. The current row/column in matrix entering mode) they are shown so short and quickly I have hard time reading them. Is this also the same on the original 15c?

Re: HP 15c LE Display timing issues? - Paulo MO - 10-01-2011

The thing is just fast, and slowing it down is not flawless. IMHO, lack of speed was the weakness of the original breed (only noticeable, of course, when using the most complex functionalities) and the increased mips are, thus, most welcome. Therefore, no complains here. :-)


Re: HP 15c LE Display timing issues? - Katie Wasserman - 10-01-2011

I noticed the quicker time to "null" as well. While it's a lot less than the documented 3 seconds I think it's just about right for regular use. The better fix in my view is the change the documentation to "about 1 second".

Re: HP 15c LE Display timing issues? - Dieter - 10-02-2011

I would consider this an improvement. The 41-series nulls after about 1.5 seconds, and I think that's just right. IMHO it's better a bit shorter (operation may get cancelled) than too long (key accidently released before timeout => matrix overwritten).


Re: HP 15c LE Display timing issues? - Mike Fikes - 10-02-2011

With respect to Michael's question:

On the original 15C, the current row/column status message (when in matrix entering mode) is only shown for as long as you hold down the target matrix key (for example, while holding down the "A" key in the sequence STO A). (Unless, of course, 3 seconds elapse, resulting in cancellation / null.)

So, even on the original 15C, if you hit STO A and don't hold down the "A" key but simply press and release, you won't have time to read the status message, and may only see it briefly flash on the display.

Re: HP 15c LE Display timing issues? - Michael Kussmaul - 10-02-2011

Ok, many thanks for checking! So it works as advertised :-)