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HP12c 30th AE keyboard - Paulo MO - 09-30-2011


Does anyone know if the keyboard of the12c 30th AE is of the same type of the 15 LE, with that new hard feedback (which I love), or if it is the very same keyboard of the regular 12c+ (of which I just bought a new calculator and am now stuck with some receding keys and a semi-working Enter key)? :-(


Re: HP12c 30th AE keyboard - M. Joury - 09-30-2011

All three have the same keyboard. They are all physically the same machine the only difference being the firmware and key labeling. If you got a bad 12C+ send it back to HP. I once saw one in a store that was quite obviously bad but my own 12C+'s have been flawless with exactly the same key feel as my 15C LE's.



Edited: 30 Sept 2011, 8:35 p.m.

Re: HP12c 30th AE keyboard - linear - 09-30-2011

The HP12c 30th AE seems to have the same keyboard as the 15c LE, including, unfortunately, the possibility of getting one with "flakey" keys.

My 12c AE has a flakey "CHS" key, one of my 15c's has a flakey "SST" key and the other a flakey Z+ key. Otherwise, the keyboards feel "good", IMHO.

Re: HP12c 30th AE keyboard - Paulo MO - 10-01-2011

Thanks, Marwan.

Just bad luck, then. Murphy is alive!


Re: HP12c 30th AE keyboard - Paulo MO - 10-01-2011

Sorry for your flakey keys. But is't always nice to know that "I'm not the only one" with a new "bad" 12c. :-)

In my case, and even not considering the bad keys, the overall keyboard does not have nearly the same feel of the 15 LE, by a loooong shot. It just seems to be a totally different design of the feedback mechanism (even though I now know otherwise, thanks to all of you).