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HP-15c data storage - Michel Beaulieu - 09-29-2011

Hi, i'm new to the 15C. I read the manual i receive with my new 15cLE about data storage. I am able to change the memory allocation and add, say 25 extra data storage, but when using STO 0 to 9 or .0 to .9 you can only access 20 data; how can i access the other data i allocate in memory?

I tried, like on my 41CV, STO-22, but the 15c only accept one digit for data storage; what am i missing?

Re: HP-15c data storage - Dave Britten - 09-29-2011

Indirect addressing. Store the number of the register you want to access in I (which is on the TAN key), e.g. "30 STO I". Then if you do "STO (i)" or "RCL (i)" (which is on the COS key), you'll access the register according to the number stored in I. There are also some branching and formatting tricks you can do with I.

The other option would be to dimension a matrix and have a two-dimensional array that you index with R0 and R1.

Re: HP-15c data storage - M. Joury - 09-29-2011

Use indirect addressing through the I register. For example if you have 30 registers allocated you can store 25 in I (25 STO I) and access the 25th register (26th actually since it starts at 0) via STO (i) or RCL (i).



EDIT: Dave beat me to it <g>.

Edited: 29 Sept 2011, 1:41 p.m.

Re: HP-15c data storage - Michael de Estrada - 09-29-2011

You can access storage registers 20 through 65 indirectly by placing the register number in the I register and using the command STO (i) or RCL (i). For example, to access register number 30, store 30 in register I.

Edited: 29 Sept 2011, 1:42 p.m.

Re: HP-15c data storage - Mike Morrow - 09-29-2011

There's an echo in here! :-)

Re: HP-15c data storage - Martin Pinckney - 09-29-2011

This happens to me a lot. All three responses were recorded between 1:38 and 1:41 PM. So the respondents, like me, apparently type so slow that by the time my message is posted, others may have beat me to it.

Re: HP-15c data storage - M. Joury - 09-29-2011

Actually it was not slow typing as much as having forgotten how to change the memory allocation. I'm actually a 41/42 user more than a 15C user. Love my 15C though!

I was in the middle of my response and then thought to myself: Better make sure this works the way I think it does and I had to go to the manual to look up the memory allocation function.