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Re: 34s: TVM problem? - Dominic Richens - 09-26-2011

I actually had a need to do TVM so I thought I would try out the wp34s library routine.

I believe it is broken by the fact that LBL 00 is used twice in segment 1, step 15 for TVM and 368 as part of the vector functions.

It doesn't seem to matter if I load that segment into RAM or try to run it from the XROM.

I can get it work if I delete step 368 after the PRCL 1

Re: 34s: TVM problem? - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 09-26-2011

Ma fault. You can rebuild the libraries yourself if you have the cable. I'll change the label in one of the functions or use Niel's assembler for this. Stay tuned.

Re: 34s: TVM problem? - Dominic Richens - 09-26-2011

oh good, I'm not crazy :-)

I only just got my 20b - when Neil gets back to Ottawa I'm going to borrow his cable (unless he got me my own) to flash this puppy.

Is the cableless alternative to change the 2nd LBL00 and calls to it to something else and then save the RAM back to segment 1?

Re: 34s: TVM problem? - Paul Dale - 09-26-2011

You should be able to PRCL 1 to copy the flash segment to RAM, edit it there and PSTO to write it back to flash.

- Pauli